Monday, October 16, 2006

When You Miss Someone You Love

You* tend to:
1. Think about him too much you find it hard to sleep.

2. Badly wish that fiscal tax no longer exists.

3. Stay awake and watch your son sleep safe and sound, thinking how much you miss watching him sleeping while someone on the other corner of the bed looking at you with his eyes saying “Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful son..I love you..” **sigh**

4. Feel nausea while heading to the airport.

5. Frantically dial 007-65-967*****

6. Send tons of sms that says: “Ayah, aku kangen..Poldi juga..”

7. Re-think (for the thousands times) whether this is the right decision to make.

8. Stare at his picture way too long, too much, too late (at nights).

9. Write everything in your blog and make sure he reads your mind.

10. Have a cup (or maybe two or more) coffee with your darling friends and let them know how you feel.

From there, everything seemed a whole lot better.

You refer to: me.

I am me.
As lonely as I can be.


Bubu Raska said...

uuhhh...kesian...sedih aku membacanya ihik ihik....

Wikawiks said...

hwaaa.... sediiih deh...

I know how it felt too.. and absolutely agree with what you are saying..

Hanging there yaa.. Cayo.. I know you can get through it.. :)

*saatnya berpelukaaaan... - ayo ties,, mendekatt juga.. *

Willy said...

Dear Sayang

When I Miss someone I love

1. Re-read SMS' from u in saved messages telling me how 2 of u love me so much

2. Show ur pics to colleagues and tell them how lucky I am to be a hubby and a daddy

2. Puzzled by which pics of u and him to be my next wallpaper

3. Curse for damn fiskal tax

4. My back hair is standing up

5. Do jogging and gym after office

6. Browse the airline ticket to c which one is cheaper and available for the following weekends

7. Regret not on the decision we took, hopefullnes for our bright future

Bunda Ferrel - My Love and Thoughts said...


I love u dear..

Anonymous said...

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