Friday, March 16, 2007

Sleepless in Hongkong

Last week, I went to Hongkong for a training..
Wait a minute,
It doesn’t sound right..

Ok..lemme try again:
Now, that’s a perfect match..sounds like a lot of fun :-)

It turns out that I had both, business mixed with pure pleasure of shopping..
The training was really intensive, the speaker was Schuyler Henderson (author of Henderson of Derivatives)..a guru in derivatives transaction who delightedly gave us 9 hours daily training on International Swap and Derivatives Association Master Agreement 2002.
Headache? **u bet**

The long and winding hours of intensive training somehow justifies me to shop madly
Thank God Sheraton was located in the heart of Kowloon, and was a shopping district after all, just a walking distance away from one spot to another.
Heaven..I must say..

Some new friends from the training course also accompanied my sightseeing activity in HK.
Sophia was from HK while Sun was from Korea.

It was really nice, we had quite an adventure in that long cold night.
We took the MTR, watch the symphony of lights from the harbour front and took the ferry trip (that got me and Sun seasicked)..

It was fun..

My roundtrip transit in Spore has been really sweet too..
I got to meet my hubby @Changi (uhhh darling..miz u too)..
Had lunch at Burger King (a must!) & went hunting for Hudsons :-)

Finally, arrive at Cengkareng, and hold my baby boy in my arms..
Ugh kangennyaa…

Hongkong: be back soon :-)

(sama ayah and Ferrel kali ini tentunyaa)

Attention Please: Husband for Loan!!

A couple of weeks ago, my bestfriends (from 2 different peer groups) went to Spore at the same days. Business mixed with pleasure, I suppose :-)

Being the nicest friend I am, I let them borrow my sweety [for travel purposes only..] – absolutely free of charge.

Saturday and Sunday, ayah Willy took them around and one thing they absolutely can’t miss is of course, a round trip to Vivocity, the city of pleasure..

Wahh suamimu baik sekali, Ma…ngajak kita muter2 Spore..” (versi Fitrie-Pipink)
Ma..kita lagi diajak si Ayah nih muter2 Vivocity..“ (versi Wika-Jika)

(While previously, versi Mpi: “Ma, gw ngajak Willi minum..hehehe”) **dasar biang kerok, love u though..**

Hmmm..I wished I were there..
Being part of the fun crowd..

(perhaps it’s the missing-him-so much part that talks)