Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The importance of being: ourselves

Someone used to be my constant reminder of this sort of significance.
bear in mind:
to be our true-selves is priceless.
You can always in search for role models, but however, careful..
as it is differ from wanting to be one selves..

You are who you are.
That way, Value who you are.
For God has created you for a reasond beyond compare.
You were made to be different.
That is why, of all people, you exists.
You get to be noticed.

It might always tempted you to be able to live in someone else’s shoes
But for that particular reason,
Have faith..
And live by what He, who creates up there, has in store for u

Until these days I still think
it is most fortunate that I have faith
That my shoes will always be my comfort hideaways
A place where hopes, dreams, love and affections grows
A place to go home to
A place where I kept all my desires
In that tiny small shoes

It may not look perfect for others
But hey,
Who cares?
They are not even half fortunate to be able living in our shoes.

And therefore
We willl always walking..and walk..and walk..
Side by side – hand in hand
In our beautiful shoes.

We even made each other a promise.
That we will never get tired walking in our shoes.
It’s one hell pretty shoes.
Sure, everyone will envy.
But then who cares?


Wikawiks said...

very true indeed my friend.. a very nice piece..

I don't wanna be in your shoes,even if yours look so shiny.. I love mine better, even they are not comfortable all the times. But that's life, everyone has his/her own ups and downs, his/her own plus and minus.

So no need to envy with other shoes. Walk through your own path, build your own dreams and reach them.

The word of wisdom "be yourself" is true..

Suandy & Santy said...

Hai Irma. Salam kenal. Bagus loh postingannya. Wah mau dateng ke Sing yah.. Si Willy pasti seneng berat tuh.. Tiap kali bilangnya kangen istri n anak mulu. :D