Friday, March 16, 2007

Attention Please: Husband for Loan!!

A couple of weeks ago, my bestfriends (from 2 different peer groups) went to Spore at the same days. Business mixed with pleasure, I suppose :-)

Being the nicest friend I am, I let them borrow my sweety [for travel purposes only..] – absolutely free of charge.

Saturday and Sunday, ayah Willy took them around and one thing they absolutely can’t miss is of course, a round trip to Vivocity, the city of pleasure..

Wahh suamimu baik sekali, Ma…ngajak kita muter2 Spore..” (versi Fitrie-Pipink)
Ma..kita lagi diajak si Ayah nih muter2 Vivocity..“ (versi Wika-Jika)

(While previously, versi Mpi: “Ma, gw ngajak Willi minum..hehehe”) **dasar biang kerok, love u though..**

Hmmm..I wished I were there..
Being part of the fun crowd..

(perhaps it’s the missing-him-so much part that talks)

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