Wednesday, May 02, 2007

He's Here.. Finally..

My prayers have finally answered, he's back, at least for now...
What's better, he leads this amazing project at my :P

Yesterday, we ran each other at canteen,, aww..what a romantic encounter.
He introduced me to his fellow Malaysian colleagues and said hi to my galfriends.

Now I can see him just about anytime I want to. He's just right downstairs..literally..

Thank you God, thank You..can never thank you enough.
For bringing my better halve closer to me now..
My wonderful husband and caring father..
Love u darling, and so proud of number one role model :-)
God bless you..

1 comment:

Suandy & Santy said...

Akhirnya bareng lagi semuanya yah.. Oh yah makasih banget yah buat kado Cherish dan baby.. Repot-repot banget sih.. :D Mudah-mudahan Ferrel suka ama buku bacaannya yah.. Kalo mampir ke Sing, jangan lupa ketemuan yah..