Monday, October 09, 2006

Father and Son Moments


.Din. said...

huhu...these are the cutest moments and pics I've ever seen mbak...(and keep in mind that I'm not a big fan of baby haha...oopss..sorry para ibu2...:p) But I see this slide dan aku jadi terharu ihikk..ihik..

Bunda Ferrel - My Love and Thoughts said... juga ef..

Duh beratnya hidupku..kangen swami..

But I'll keep my head up :-)

Willy said...

That is a really2 nice slide show sayang.

Though I look like I had my bad hair day (as always) and do not have photogenic face whatsoever, these pics reflect how true tender love does a good photograph.

Without pose and fake smile, all came out from deep down my heart to tell you the truth how lucky I am to be a Hubby and Dad.