Monday, October 09, 2006

A Heartbreking Comment from the Proudest Dad

My dear husband just wrote this in my comment box:

Proudest Dad said...
I'm the proudest dad dear. It's hard to pack while seeing him "bobo" (and U of course) where within less than 6 hours the taxi is waiting outside to pick me up (again). Well, same condition applies to me when seeing boy of his ages is playing with his proudly parents, saying "mommy daddy I love u" or "Wo Ai Ni" :D One day, after I jogged around my block, i headed to gymnastic park straight away. Meanwhile, there was a young father with his son about the same age as our bundle of joy. Then this little fella stared at me for 5 seconds, and started laughing while showing his 4 teeth. Instanly I told the father that I also have a son like his but i dont see him everyday (With bigger eyes of course). He replied, "You must've missed him a lot"
Damn sure I am
1:23 AM

Rasanya seperti mau terbang mengantar Ferrel..langsung ke pelukan ayah..

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Shan Shan said...

duh...miris deh dengernya. wanting but unable to see ur son...hik hik. Sabar ya mas willy....