Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Top 10 Guiltiest Guilty Pleasure

10. Famous Amos: chocolate chip and pecans

9. Karaoke@ Happy Puppy sampe tutup (back in the ol’ days)

8. Mocking the office’s famous mocking object(s): TA and AJ (initial)…Hihihihi..

7. Remove the grey hair out of Dinar’s head (hehehehe..which she strongly objects, claiming will trigger more grey hair to

6. “Pay more attention” to young freshgrads joining our trainee program ..aka brondong
(some of those brondongs would make your head turns- I swear) -- This posting has been approved by my dear sayangku cintaku Ayah Willi..muah

5. Desperate Housewives marathon – no bath – no eating, just me and the Wysteria Lane Ladies

4. Zara Sale

3. Infotainment (Insert, hot Shot, Star 7, Kiss, anything on E and Star Daily)

2. Scoops of one of the followings (in order of preference):
- Ben & Jerry
- Haagen Daz
- Baskin & Robbins

1. Watching the famous JERRY SPRINGER show.. (u know, the cat fight is a must see!!)

What’s yours?


Bubu Raska said...

Maksud lochh apa?? me and AJ as mocking object at our office..hrrghh..yah sudahlah dilihat sisi baiknya saja..mungkin deep inside lo cinta bgt ma gw dan AJ hehee ya gak, Mamal? ;)

Bunda Ferrel - My Love and Thoughts said...

The title speaks for itself..

Ga percaya? Yuk di surveyy...

= ahmed = said...

Kalo gw bilang sih, gak perlu terlalu too deep juga kok untuk melihat cintanya dia sama kita, it's on the surface, cuman dia malu aja karena udah terlalu sering mocking us makanya harus menutupinya.

so biarin aja gpp, seperti gw bilang... Biarkan orang yang menilai.

Bunda Ferrel - My Love and Thoughts said...

Ah mockeee.. u guys are so full of denial dehhh..

Look at the bright side guys, u are so much loved, people pay more than just attention to you guys..


Shan Shan said...

huahahahhaa....2 victims berbicara hihi.

btw, bunda,....stuju no 2, Ben&Jerry is a must also..yummyyy...ok! thats it! u officially make wanna grab the scoop T_T

Willy said...

Bunda, TopShot lagi sale tuh :P

Wiratsari said...

For me, the pleasure is when I see TA and AJ being mocked.. hehe.. That's really entertaining.. (but I love both of you lho.. xoxo..)

But I don't like No.7.. .. because you're stealing it from mee...!!! hehehe... It's supposed to be my part. But I do it by cutting Dinar's grey hair (NOT by pulling the grey hair..hehe..). I believe she likes me doing it for her, rather than you do it (jadi persaingan yang nggak penting gini.. hahaha...)