Monday, November 20, 2006

The Coffee Cats

2 kucing duduk manis, di suatu sore yang hangat, pembicaraan mengalir begitu saja seputar teman-teman, teman dari teman, keluarga, pekerjaan..sampai saat dimana this very good-rarely to see each other-friend mentioned something,which is not that much of importance- kind of issue sih, but still, somehow, what she said seemed to linger in my mind..

*sipping her coffee loudly*
U know what, I heard this kind of story once too many. I think there’s even some books about this. Jadi gini Ma, this sort of people ya..well, sebenernya emotionally unstable, labil. There’s a void someplace inside her. A very unsecured person.”

Not a psychologist nor a shrink, yet she talked like one.
That’s what I always love about her.
Analytical, book enthusiast (yup, impressive background research), full of details and that straight forward talks.
Bottom line: ardent and reliable.
A just perfect sharing partner.

You mean like a copycat?”
“Well, if you choose to use that term, yes..”
“ Wah males bangeeettt..”
“Ini krisis identitas. Banyak kok kasusnya, don’t act that surprise.”
“How to handle this kind of person then?”
“ Yah gimana ya, ini bukan homework loe. Just handle with care though, there is no reason juga for you being violent atau gimana..”
“Ih, no plan juga ke arah sana kok..”
“ Good for you, see? We are much better person now..”
“Iya. WISER..”

And,from that point on, we were laughing wholeheartedly.
Ohh how I like the thought of getting WISER..

Di sore yang hangat itu..
The two coffee cats, re-united.


Wikawiks said...

I suppose this is your other complex yet interesting writing.. :)
The writing that you can't just read between the lines..
Bikin penasaran gituuh, what lies beneath the surface..

Maria Irma Yunita said...

I suppose so dear
Hopefully the story speaks for itself..