Friday, November 17, 2006

Ferrel’s Baptize

We decided to baptize our son on his 1st birthday, 4th of November 2006.
The nice thing is he got to be baptized together with his cousin, Laura (9 months old).
It was a sacred yet entertaining moment.
We were in a mass, sending our prayers in silence, but yet the babies were just sooo busy with themselves.

Selamat ya nak, kamu sekarang sudah menjadi bagian dari keluarga besar Tuhan Yesus, dalam Gereja Katholik..

Lookey lookey..Here are a few snaps from the happy moment:

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Suandy & Santy said...

Congrats buat baptisannya Ferrel... :) Aku link blognya ke blogku yah..

Pas mampir di Sing, kalo sempet kita ketemuan...