Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The House (is finally) for Rent

The decision is made.
Just recently spread this news through the information super highway tools:

House for Rent

Legenda Wisata
Cluster **, Blok **

LT/LB: 140m/88m
2 storeys house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, carport, garden and backyard.
(See attached files)

- Electricity, water (PAM), Phone (Flexi)
- Located nearby Eldorado Waterboom and Driving Course
- Nearby schools: Global and Sekolah Kristen Ketapang

For further inqueries please contact:
Irma (0811******) or

Please forward this email to your friends and families.
Thanks in advance.

Next thing I know, a phone call came from a sounds-like-interested to be-a tenant- kinda guy:
Hallo, bu Irma ya? Saya dengar rumahnya di Legenda Wisata Cibubur mau dijual ya?”

The upset landlord:
Mmmm..mas liat dimana ya? Via Email ya? Kan judulnya jelas loch mas..House For Rent gitu lochh..Meaning Saya mau menyewakan,buat di-se-wa, bukan buat dijual

The sounds-like-interested to be-a tenant-who turned out to be more of a prospective buyer instead of a tenant- kinda guy:
**Silent…………...silent………………....silent..** deng, hehehe..salah ya Bu. Maaf ya. Makasih ya Bu.”

Moral of the story:
Next time you read an advertisement (or maybe just about anything), read the tittle carefully before moving on to the content and made the wrong conclusion and embarassed yourself.

Oh wow, there goes my thunder..

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