Monday, November 13, 2006

The Orange Wedding

Last nite was our bestfriend’s wedding:
Evi and Reggy
(selamat ya mpok..kawin juga akhirnyaaa..)

The color theme was precise:

Never went to any “orange wedding” before, so a lot of curiosity was playing on my mind **kaya apa yaa..kaya apa yaa..**

Arrive punctualy as agreed (19.30 ya gals..bukan 19.45), sign the guest book, celingak-celinguk kiri kanan, and there was Wulan, Nadja and Mike, standing just on the right spot: sushi and sashimi stand!
Clever choice!

Michael: “langsung aja yuk, salaman ntar, antriannya panjang bangeeett..”
Wulan : *nod*
Irma : *hypnotized by the delicious line of sushi and salmon sashimi-hands on the serving plate-next on the chopsticks and.. ok, ..good to go*

After a happy belly session, we went to congratulate the bride and groom.
Awww.. the bride is so beautiful, the orange theme was in fact decorated beautifully, not as shocking as I thought it would be..

Last but not least, the moment of truth:
Wedding Singer on stage – live performance by me, Wika and Winnie (as olweish yaa..)
Although the song we sang was not exactly the ones requested by the bride and groom, it was still a lil’ something special from us..and they just loved it.

Again, congrats dear friends, it has been a long exhausting journey.
So glad that you guys have finally made it to the end.

Have lots of beautiful kids together yaa…

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