Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Singapore on My Mind

Just got the confirmation email from Lufthansa a few weeks ago.
Yup, the tickets have finally arrived.

Memories went straight to our first family trip:

Ferrel was still 8 months old, I carried him in his baby carrier (heavy as can be..), my mom and dad took us to the airport, there we were, ready to fly.

His dad was having his 29th birthday and we went to see him to celebrate the festive day. That was the first time for us to celebrate his birthday abroad, so everything was oh so excited.

Arrived at Changi precisely at 18.00 Sing-time, he was nowhere to be found. Oh my, I was already exhausted carrying my big baby boy. I was expecting that his dad would come soon with the baby stroller as planned. Okeiii, aparrently he was late. Nevermind.

I decided to take a seat, luckily, being the sweetest baby boy he is, Ferrel was pretty much occupied with the surroundings. I was able to relax for a while, waiting for my (hopefully) soon to arrive-husband.

30 minutes later, there he was. From the look in his face, I can tell that he’s a bit panic. we a re darling, u’ve been looking at all the wrong spots **arms waving heavily**

And, oh..the sweetest rendezvous.
Hugs, kisses, hugs again and kisses..
My, how we missed you that much.
That Much.

The following days went out more than just fine. It was awesome.
We went to see sooo many places.
(big dissapointment since the Merlion is taking his “shower”)
We were busy with our little boy who apparently loved it so much being the star of the trip.
We celebrated Ayah Willy’s birthday romantically (even with the presence of the lil’ kiddo who made everything felt so much better)
Went shopping since it was also the Great Spore Sale season.
We just had a wonderful time.

Holding the tickets in my hands, those remembrances teased me.
For I believe,
This next trip is gonna be a blast.

C u soon darling..


nita said...

mbak irma... bagus banget.. terharuuuu..

aphrodite_en said...

sweet banget seh
one little happy family
jadi pengeeeennnnn (termasuk shopping waktu great sale singaporenya hehehehe)